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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adoption process?

Decide whether you are looking for a kitten or cat and what age cat.  A home check will be arranged where a form of your details will be completed and a tour of your property will be carried out. Following the home check we will match you with a cat suitable for your family and home environment.

Do you vaccinate the cats/kittens?

We don’t vaccinate. We neuter and chip cats over 20/24 weeks and flea and worm all cats/kittens, all are vet checked before being homed. All cats and kittens come with five weeks free pet insurance with Agriapet.

What will I need for my cat/kitten?

A strong cat carrier


Litter tray

Food and water bowls

Food (wet and dry)

Kitten or cat milk (never cow’s milk)

A bed


Lots of toys

Scratching post or tower

Find a good vet


How do I introduce a new cat to my resident pet?

It is important that there is no competition for resources such as food, litter trays or sleeping areas. Exchanging bedding can start the process of ‘scent swapping’. An area will need to be set up for your new cat/kitten, a crate or spare room is recommended. Your resident pet can see and smell your new cat/kitten but cannot harm them.  Take care not to overwhelm them and take regular breaks if needed.

What is the process to become a volunteer?

You will need free time and be reliable to come to the Rescue to clean the pens, litter trays and play with the cat/kittens.

What is the process to become a fosterer?

You need to be committed, reliable, caring and compassionate. Have a spare room available in your home, no young children in the home, be able to drive, have a full driving licence and the use of a car to take a cat to our vets and have time to interact with your foster cat.

What tips do you have for finding a missing cat?

Check with neighbours, garages and garden sheds. Sprinkle used litter outside, place strong smelling food e.g sardines, tuna or warm chicken outside your door, go out late at night with a torch calling, shake a bag of treats, post posters throughout the neighbourhood.

What do I do if I find a cat?

Is it clean, does it seem healthy, does it come and go? Yes? Then leave it alone. Is the cat outside day and night? Does the cat appear to be neglected, distressed, extremely hungry, dirty and/or flea-ridden?

Then knock on doors all around – to ask if anyone knows him/her. When you knock on doors, don’t show a photo of the cat, and give only a brief description, let the potential owner describe their cat to you, saying if there are distinguishing features.

If no owner is found, then get the cat checked for a microchip, either free at a vet, or through a local rescue, who may have a volunteer who could come and scan for a microchip. Get in contact with your local animal rescue charity by putting your postcode in the search engine of CatChat.org

If there is no chip, then put a paper collar on the cat if the cat is visiting regularly. If there no response to a paper collar then – put up posters – only if the cat stays with you (but do not include a photo of the cat as it could be vulnerable). Just give brief comment and contact number.

If an owner comes forward then ask them for proof of ownership, photos, and any distinguishing features, before you hand cat over.
If the cat seems unwell, is injured or obviously distressed then ring up and/or visit nearby vet to ask for advice on treatment. Don’t leave the cat with any vet if cat does not need treatment. Also please feed him/her and provide water, in case this cat is lost.

You could check in these by joining – AnimalSearchUK.co.uk PetsReUnited.com PetsLocated.com NationalPetRegister.org NextDoor.co.uk

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